Trading Contracting Services

Trading & Contracting Export & Import Real Estate

Trading Contracting services involve performing specific activities involved in construction or other activities that are similar for all types of construction but that are not responsible for the entire project. Contracting specific activities to the private sector provides customs administrations with more time and resources to focus on core activities as well as allowing access to outside expertise.

The explosion of trading venues and increased digitalization of markets over the last decade coincides with snowballing regulations of institutional trading and investor demand for performance.

Globally, the trading and contracting services are provided as an integrated service taking into account the special characteristics of each public procurement environment. The global value chains are being reshaped by the rising demand from the shipping industry amid the wave of new technologies. Even though, the output and trade continue to increase in absolute terms, the trade intensity (share of output that is traded) is declining almost in every goods producing value chains.

Trade in services is increasing faster than trade in goods with some types of services growing two to three times faster. With the block chain shipping , reducing the transit times and speed payments such as the new logistics technologies reducing shipping and customs processing time by 16 to 28 percent.

Al-Qelada understands the deep role of trading and contracting services in enhancing the value of global trade and as such provides a complete range of trading and contract services by representing and supporting EPC contractors, supplying high quality electro-mechanical products and various consultancy services.

Al-Qelada grabs new opportunities resulting in its participation in major projects through international EPC contractors covering nearly all major industries across the globe that includes Oil & Gas, Infrastructure, transportation and energy. Our full EPC principal support and assistance is the key reason for the success of our projects resulting in the timely completion of these projects.

We have expertise in providing trading and contracting services through our highly trained and skilled personnel who are professionals to the core in achieving the optimal results that comply with the international standards. Al-Qelada’s Trading & Contracting Management and personnel consists of highly qualified and well-experienced personnel who are capable of making instant decisions where day to day follow up is concerned. We value our clients’ business needs by adding significant value to our customers’ operations and ensuring in their business sustainability.

Al-Qelada’s tailor made solutions and the deployment specialized teams ensures optimal operation and maintenance costs. Through our team experienced engineers, technicians we have the ability to supply all industrial needs for projects to international contractors, consultants and end users.

Trading Contracting Services

Our team of Trading and Contracting Service providers has specialists’ skills and is capable of mobilizing substantial numbers of project specific work force in meeting the requirements of large-scale projects. Al-Qelada’s Trading and Contracting Services involves-

  • Manpower supply to support a range of services in trading and contracting
  • Fire and gas protection and detection systems
  • Management systems and procedures for the operations, maintenance, safety and training services for the shipping industry
  • Our list of product categories that we deal in for industrial needs include-
    • Electrical
    • Mechanical
    • Safety Materials
    • Instrumentation Items
    • Pipes & Fittings
    • Structural Steel
    • Flanges & Valves

Our reputation in terms of technical performance and safety equipment is excellent and high availability of machines contracted by us is guaranteed. For more information about our Trading and contracting services, you can contact us –

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