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Real estate sector is the growth engine of global economies with the developing trends in real estate sector boosting enhanced marketability, mergers, and acquisitions whereas the new regulations and rules are forcing tighter business and information controls. As an entity in the real estate sector, you may face a number of challenges in terms of meeting your client requirements, in controlling operational costs while maintaining growth.

Al-Qelada understands the complexities and challenges involved in the real estate and as such our real estate IT services focus on efficient operations that are paired with widespread experience in managing and off shoring functions such as real estate analytics, accounting and lease administration.

Al-Qelada offers the best processes and the most suitable methods to the real estate industry that constantly needs to improve workflows, enable collaboration, deliver projects on time and drive growth. Al-Qelada provides customizable IT solutions with comprehensive modules that manage every aspect of your real estate business from acquiring customers and tenants to creating financial reports.

Our operating model of IT solutions is service centric and can be customized or tailored as per the needs of your real estate projects such as commercial real estate, corporate real estate, industrial units, and other real estate edifices. We know that real estate business depends on timely, accurate and complete information to close successful deals and with our real estate software solutions, you can display your properties and connect with your prospective buyers.

Some of our Real Estate IT Software Services & Solutions include-
  • Real Estate CRM Applications
  • Real Estate ERP Software
  • Customized Applications Development & Maintenance
  • Mobile Applications/Mobility Solutions
  • Construction Supervision Applications
  • Mortgage Applications
  • On-Demand Property Booking Applications
  • Project Management Solutions
  • Inventory Management Solutions
  • System Integration Services


Al-Qelada's IT solutions help in boosting operations and productivity by synchronizing your offline business data with online actions to increase the profitability of your real estate business. Our real estate IT solutions & services help real estate organizations in improving their operational performance and in making timely investment decisions for a profitable growth..

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