Medical Devices

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Medical Devices

The modern medical device manufacturers and companies are facing a highly competitive marketplace and as such must rethink about their existing business strategies and plans to be in-line with the evolving market dynamics. With the growing focus on patient centricity being need of the hour and in addition, the aging global population and changing regulatory requirements are transforming the way the healthcare is being delivered.

Al-Qelada’s rich domain experience supported by robust technological capabilities can leverage on digitalization to streamline several core processes including quality management, value chain mapping and FDA compliances. We delve on delivering solutions that can help you develop sophisticated medical devices while simplifying and strengthening delivery models.

Our medical device technology helps you in leveraging digitalization to streamline several other core processes that include quality management reviews, and product certifications for medical device manufacturers across the globe.

Our solutions help in transforming healthcare delivery and in driving down the insurance and medical costs. There has been a big shift in the medical devices industry with the emphasis moving more and more towards patient outcomes from product centric approach. Medical devices with a service centric approach are gaining deep roots and we truly believe in robust vendor ecosystem, which is vital for a sustainable and reliable healthcare organization.

Our unique offerings in Medical Device Engineering & Solutions include-

  • Regulatory Compliance Services such as EU MDR/IVDR/FDA Compliance
  • Labeling and Packaging
  • Medical Device Engineering
  • Customer Relationship Management or CRM
  • Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Management
  • Next generation digital services such as IoT, Big Data and Analytics
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