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Insurers are facing numerous challenges these days with the new entrants bringing with them newer technologies and releasing new products to market. The other major hurdles being faced by these organizations include lesser productivity because of increased operational costs, fraudulent practices, regulatory changes and increased operational costs.

Al-Qelada, a leading IT solution provider and partner have the proven expertise to tackle these challenges by working with insurance businesses or enterprises to help them in modernizing their core systems, transform their businesses with its strong engineering and technology capabilities along with the business and domain knowledge.

Our insurance-based solutions are built from the edifice levels up for technology innovation and business transformation. Al-Qelada technology solutions enable insurance companies to manage risks, reduce data quality issues, improve their capital allocations and manage compliance across different lines of business.

Our insurance software solutions are targeted at achieving high impact partnerships with business and technology leadership of insurance firms or enterprises of all sizes, across nations and product types. Our End-To-End Insurance Solutions covers the entire spectrum of the insurance sector such as-

  • Property and Casualty
  • Life, Pension & Annuities
  • Workers Compensation
  • Risk & Compliance Management
  • Claims Management
  • Sales & Distribution
  • Policy Administration


Al-Qelada’s expertise lies in keeping pace with the evolving markets, technology and regulations. Our team of professional insurance service solution providers knows that technology solutions are not only crucial for competitive edge or advantage but they help in responding to uncertainties in the market place.

We are in this industry to help insurance organizations in meeting their client needs and respond to the demands of the markets effectively. So, do contact us for your insurance solutions to achieve market differentiation while keeping your costs down.

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