Hospitality Management

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Hospitality Management

The hospitality Industry from starred hotels to large global chains of specialty resorts and casino struggles with their own unique challenges on day-to-day basis such as waning customer loyalty and expectations, fierce competition and technology advancements that are growing at much faster pace than most can keep up.

The hospitality industry is also evolving rapidly to meet new customer demands where personalized guest experience across all channels, while increasing efficiencies by streamlining operations and leveraging new channels of sales is helping hospitality sector to maximize its revenue potential. With digitalization disrupting every business across all sectors, hospitality industry leaders should need to proactively and effectively respond to evolving challenges around customer and market expectations, data use and integration, recruitment and retention, and risk management.

The hospitality industry is looking forward to transforming and automating their F&A services through a service provider with experience in delivering tangible results through fast, reliable and secure technology solutions. Al-Qelada with its in-depth knowledge and expertise in integrating various distribution channels enhances your business into a data enterprise by keeping in mind the complexity of inter-connectivity of various functions in hospitality management.

Al-Qelada's customizable technology platform provides an Omni channel approach for seamless customer experience that integrates orders with every aspect of hospitality management from Point of Sales (POS) applications, kitchen management systems, CRM systems and fulfillment channels to enterprise systems that track sales and transactions.

Our new generation ERP systems improve demand forecasting, guest profiling and resource planning thereby helping you in devoting quality time to core issues of business growth and customer delight. Al-Qelada's digital expertise is improving both performance and customer satisfaction for the entire hospitality industry by harnessing insights from the streams of data and analytics.

Our range of Hospitality Management Services & Solutions include-

  • Application Development & Maintenance
  • Resource Planning
  • IT Strategy and Consulting
  • Systems Integration
  • Customer Interaction Management
  • Network Security
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Mobility Solutions
  • Data Networks
  • Hospitality Solutions
  • Voice Platforms

    Al-Qelada’s hospitality management solutions through its unique cognitive technologies would seamlessly integrate with your existing business processes thereby enhancing staff productivity and customer experience. For more details about our hospitality management solutions – Contact Us


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