Engineering & Construction

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Engineering & Construction

Engineering & Construction are like twins that are fueling the on-going developmental activities in terms of urbanization and growing infrastructure expansion in both developed and developing economies of the world. Engineering and Construction sectors are looking technology as an engine that bring efficiencies and in meeting customer expectations.

Al-Qelada really understands the challenges of engineering and construction sectors and as an enabler of IT solutions and service providers bring in efficiencies to meet your customer/client expectations. We really know the pulse of Engineering & Construction Industry and our IT solutions helps engineering and construction companies to become more competitive by providing custom based IT solutions that help them in lowering their risks while ensuring better cost control and improved margins.

Our deep industry knowledge in Engineering, Construction through proven IT solutions is helping engineering and construction companies in becoming more competitive. We believe in building a sustainable world in the engineering and construction domains through digital transformation.

Al-Qelada’s Engineering & Construction provides tailored & integrated IT solutions that helps you in delivering your project on time and on budget. We in fact, have expertise in developing and fine tuning hybrid IT solutions that affect each aspect of engineering and construction. We duly integrate the tools and services that your organization needs for effective business performance, construction and quality management. Our range of Engineering and Construction IT services include-


  • Contract Management Cloud Services & Solutions
  • Data Center Operation Services & Solutions
  • Procurement Management IT Services
  • Advanced IT Solutions
  • Digital Engineering Solutions
  • IT Security Services


Our IT solutions have successfully delivered the value of the engineering and construction firms that we have collaborated with in providing them the trusted IT solutions. Our key areas for implementing IT solutions and services are targeted towards improved average project margins, overcoming unexpected project overruns, maximizing labor, and equipment productivity. For more details about our Engineering & Construction Solutions- Contact Us

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